Big thinking in small teams

We work with companies that value possibility, and use technology to advance. We solve big problems in small teams, using technology purposefully, to grow each client’s business as if it were our own.

We challenge the status quo in the world of development.

We know there’s a better way to solve your business problems, that’s nimble and fairly priced, that doesn’t require staying up all night to communicate with the other side of the world, that cares about your specific challenge—and actually helps you to do business better.

How we work with you

We put round pegs in round holes.

We want to solve your business problems with technology, rather than use a technology to solve your business problems. There’s a difference. The difference is that we want to understand your specific challenge, and use our wide breadth of technical knowledge to custom-tailor a solution for you, rather than force your problem into a specific technical framework.

We’re not just a dev shop.

From strategic consulting to design to development to digital marketing, we’re ready to take on any challenge you have. We really can do anything, so we’re able to apply the right tech to your situation. Whether it’s open source or Microsoft, Optimizely or Marketo, we will solve your problem with the best combination of technology for your specific challenge.

We’re looking for partnerships, not projects.

We work best when we work with you, rather than for you. Every business has unique challenges. We work with our partners to help them to understand all of their options, and create the best, holistic solution. We then execute in a transparent, milestone-driven manner.

Just ask these folks…

As a large, fast-moving company, we often require immediate execution of mission critical, onsite changes. They have always risen to the occasion and come through in high-stakes scenarios. I whole-heartedly recommend their services to any company in need of quality development work.

Alex Hollis, Rue La La Product Manager

When we faced regulatory process challenges with controlling the distribution of information on our medical device websites, TAG built a completely custom publishing solution that matched our workflow, and simplified our deployment and review process. They thoughtfully handled the entire project lifecycle and designed a solution that was delivered in a matter of weeks.

Jason J. Sgro, AgaMatrix Head of IS and Technology

We have a very good thing going with this project and I couldn't do it without you guys. A wise man once said--a good manager surrounds themselves with brilliant people--and that is exactly what I feel I have! Thank you for all your hard work!

Mike Holeton, Pierce Manufacturing Sr. Project Engineer

I learned so much as a client at Syncplicity that I had to jump at the chance to join the team. The collaborative-approach to projects is a stand-out quality of The Atom Group.

Kristin Martin, Syncplicity Integrated Marketing Manager

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